Welcome to the blog!

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Baxters Boutique

Welcome to the blog!

Its finally here! Baxter has decided running his own Empire isn’t enough so has decided to become a blogger!

What better way to kick off than to properly introduce himself and show you his journey from mutt to mogul!

I was born on 4th November 2013, with 7 brothers and sisters! My Dad was a Miniature Poodle and my Mum was a Cocker Spaniel, definitely making me a Cockapoo! My brothers and sisters were all sorts of colours,  but I was chocolate roan which basically means although I was a white puppy with a batman mask and brown ears. As I got older, I turned into what my Mummy calls “a chocolate swirl of loveliness”. Now I live with my Mummy, Daddy, 2 sisters and Daisy the cat.

Likes:Baxter's Boutique

Cuddles with my family

Cuddly toys and balls!

Chicken wings

My best friend Wilber ( also a Cockapoo)

Sleeping on Mum and Dads or Emilys bed


Baxter's BoutiqueDislikes:

Being left on my own

Being disturbed when I’m napping

Dog biscuits

Being brushed!

Bath time



Its been very tough going from a regular pup to running a business but it’s something I am passionate about. I love to have accessories that stand out and are fashionable so I put my Mummy to work. The other doggies would see me on my morning walkies and ask where my cool things were from so Mummy started making more and opened Baxter’s Boutique! We now spend the mornings walking fields, swimming in rivers and playing with my bestie Wilber before spending the afternoon in the studio. Some days I’ll snooze under the desk while Mummy sews and others I’ll hide in another room while she bangs away. I know what her hammer looks like so as soon as she picks it up, that’s my queue to leave!

I love being the Boss! I get to spend the whole day with Mummy and if she has to leave me, my 2 big sisters babysit me. It is no surprise that I am one spoilt pup! I’m sure you, my furry friends, are too!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’d love to make friends and hear about you too so please leave a message in the comments below. You can also follow me on Instagram!

Love and Licks,

Baxter x x

Baxters Boutique

Baxters BoutiqueBaxters Boutique




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