Harness | Powder Pink Leopard Print

  • Powder Pink Leopard Print Dog Harness
  • pink leopard dog harness
  • baxters boutique
  • Powder Pink Leopard Print Dog Harness
  • leopard print dog harness
  • baxters boutique
  • Powder Pink Leopard Print Dog Harness
  • dog strap harness
  • baxters boutique
  • Powder Pink Leopard Print Dog Harness
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Powder Pink Leopard Print Dog Harness

Leopard print is ALWAYS in fashion! This pretty pink harness would look great in the park or in town. Perfect for girls with sass and style. Each harness comes with a free wash bag! Matching accessories available.

The harness is made for everyday use and placement of the D ring has been carefully considered. This is to ensure no pressure is applied to your dogs neck whilst still having good control. Use the logo section as a quick grab handle when off lead or as a way to securely hold your dog while attaching the lead to the D ring. The small size is 20mm wide whilst the medium and large are 25mm.

H A R D W A R E • C H O I C E 

You can choose from Matte Black, Silver or Rose Gold metal. All buckles on the chest piece are made from Matte Black Anti-Freeze Plastic as we have found these are more comfortable and wear better given they are in frequent contact with long grass, water etc.

Hand made to order in our studio. Tag us on Instagram and show us your style!

Pattern placement will vary making each item unique.

Smaller sizes will have less pattern.

Adjustable at 3 points to enable it to grow with your dog or make sure it is the perfect fit.

Made with a strong webbing core to withstand the cheekiest of dogs.

Covered in 100% cotton fabric for comfort

Includes a heavy duty metal D ring to clip your lead to.

This way to more harnesses

The webbing core has a breaking strain of 440 kg and stitching has been reinforced at all stress points.

Please measure carefully before placing your order.

S M A L L  • Neck 24 - 34cm. Chest 34 - 56cm
M E D I U M • Neck 34 - 49cm. Chest 41 - 68cm
L A R G E • Neck 46 - 72cm. Chest 52 - 90cm

Size may vary slightly as each item is hand made.

All harnesses are machine washable at 30 °C. Add stain remover to tough stains and close buckle before placing in your wash bag. Do not use bleach.
No harness is indestructible. Check often for wear and tear and replace when needed. It is your responsibility to determine if this is a suitable item for your pet.


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