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  • Dog Mum Key Ring
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  • Dog Mum Key Ring
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  • Dog Mum Key Ring
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You are a Dog Mum and you are proud of it! This key ring would be a lovely treat to yourself or a great gift for a dog loving friend. Guaranteed to make anyone smile at it. Why not give it as a gift to your breeder when purchasing a puppy.

A chunky 1″ copper disc is hand stamped with your ‘Dog Mum’ title and a cute little paw print. It is then attached to a heart shaped split ring to hold all your keys. You have the option to add as many copper bars as you like! Simply add the names of your babies in the box provided ensuring they are separated by commas. (If you have more than 5 names you would like to add, please contact us before proceeding.)



Copper & brass will naturally tarnish over time with normal wear. I have polished the metal which will aid in protecting it but it will not last forever. A regular polish with a soft cloth and a metal polish such as autosol will help keep the shine. These are not design faults and are considered normal ‘wear and tear’, therefore a refund will not be given under these circumstances. You may also find your keys may slightly scratch the pieces. Please check split rings regularly to ensure they haven’t been over stretched.

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