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Crazy Print Dog Tag

With a fantastic crazy print of hearts and paws prints, your dog will be the one all the others want to sniff.
This fun dog ID tag is made from copper and brass which look great together.


The strong brass disc is 32mm wide and holds all your personal details on the back. This will help reunite you should your fur baby get lost.

A copper 1" disc with hand stamped paw prints and hearts is then stacked on top.

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It is UK law to have your surname, house number, street, postcode and a phone number. If you would like different information stamped, I am happy to do this but am not at fault should you be fined.

Please do not attach your lead directly to the split rings as this will stretch them. Check your tag often and replace split rings if necessary.

Metal on metal will naturally scratch and scuff. Copper & brass will also tarnish over time with normal wear. A regular polish with a soft cloth and a metal polish such as autosol will help keep the shine. These are not design faults and are considered normal 'wear and tear', therefore a refund will not be given under these circumstances.


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